HEMP is the worlds strongest natural fiber making it last a super long time. It wears in and not out and gets softer with every wash.

hemp backpack


HEMP grows naturally without pesticides because it is highly resistant to external threats and uses half water than cotton.

Harvest >

Harvest hemp that grows next to the mountains

Weaving >

Weaving hemp to create natural fabric

Natural Dye >

Dye hemp using natural nearby resources


Sewing hemp to create handmade products


each product is made by hand by womens in Kathmandu


HEMP is the worlds most sustainable fabric. Hemp plants grow super fast, use no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and improve soil health.

hemp fanny pack


HEMP uses natural resources to make eco friendly dyes based on plants and minerals, and also combine recycled canvas to create new colorful fabrics.

10% donation

we donate 10% on each product to help girls in Nepal thanks to


HEMP is naturally anti-bacterial killing off any bacteria fungus or molds, also has UV protection at the highest rate of UPF 50+.


HEMP is super breathable material with increased airflow helps wick away moisture quick and keep you super comfortable, naturally.

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