let me tell your story through photos and videos


in a world full of noise things seems complicated, thats why i use a 35mm lens, to set my focus close, blurry the background and simplify, i love little details, rain at night, sound of waves, light leaks, in them i find peace.

as a minimalist i rather take one real photo with an experience attached, that tells your story, a life with purpose.


my workflow, tools and tricks I use.

what i truly love…


I use original fuji films color simulations to give a nostalgic look


love square format, easy to fit in photobooks and instaxs.


life is like a movie and you are the main character, my videos try to show that.


love portraits, capture real people surrounded by nature.

between mountains and sea

I live in Spain, most of the time in 📍 Cartagena, port of roman heritage, and sometimes in 📍 San Martín de Valdeiglesias, valley of seven hermitages.


hi im david, photographer and videographer 📷 passionate about fujifilmX cameras📍based in Cartagena, Spain🔥on the mission to:

#️⃣ capturemoments, telling stories throught photos and videos

#️⃣ sharepassion, youtube channel and masterclasses to help others

#️⃣ improveworld, donating 10% to help the world


i love fujifilm cameras, they allow me to keep things simple, lightweight and has a lot of vintage vibes. you can checkout my complete gear


I play the piano so music is really important to me. It can uplift your spirit and transport you to a new place. This is the playlist that i listen to get into the mood of the world i want to see and that i live for.

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