lets go on an adventure

fine bags and accessories for storytellers, handcrafted with premium materials, such as full-grain leather, and waxed canvas.


the must-have accessories for every photographer, specially a fujifilmX one, i use this products to keep the adventurer essence everywhere i go.


home is where your heart is, and your disney+ too, cute stuff that I use to feel cozy and enhance the cool vibes at your very own place.


we support and promote manufacturers. we help family business in developing countries to continue growing and doing their craft.

planet earth

shipping everywhere

15 days return

worry-free shopping

we plan trees

10% goes to teamtrees.org

your life has a story,

I tell it.

โ€“ david mimay.


let me tell your story through photos and videos

im david

purveyor of fine bags and accessories for storytellers, all products are designed for, and inspired by, creative people, handcrafted using premium materials and created to last with timeless designs.


my workflow, tools and tricks I use.


I share all my knowledge with you, so you don’t have to waste time learning from different sources, just start fast from my point, i stand for helping each other: each one, teach one.


We (you and me) help the world by donating 10% of every purchase to plant trees.

We all have a body, so we can use the same products, we are all united as humans.

Tough products to go on an adventure. World is nasty, but we need to move, explore to find the beauty, and reconnect to the nature.

The moment you receive the product it become yours, part of your story, you will attach experiences using it, and will create memories around the product not the brand, thats why they are brandless.

Products not limited by time or trends, they can join to whenever and whatever adventure you are on, and will be a reminder of your past. Timeless designs and materials.


follow me on instagram to see all my fujifilmx photos, and tag me @mimay.es using the products.

I aspire to inspire and performs to spark,

capturing uplifting photos and videos

to create a better world.

โ€“ david mimay

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